Thursday, 7 January 2016

New Year Update

Just before Christmas I managed to get sometime at the painting table, but then life took over and I've done little since. Hopefully, that will now change and I will be able to get plenty of time sat with brush in hand.

I managed to get the Piggy flesh done ....

I've named my Dwarf leader 'Torun Granitejaw' and managed to move his paint job along quite a bit. Might even get it finished this weekend.


My fantasy armies are all duel purpose, for Oldhammer and for Kings of War. The latter gives you the option of having a 'Steam Behemoth', so when I saw the 'Dwarf Runic Golem' from Alternative Armies I couldn't resist it. It took a little while to clean up, as there were a couple of biggish air holes, and then after a black undercoat it got a squirt of Vallejo Air 'Rust' 71.069.

More soon. Maybe ;-)

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