Friday, 6 October 2017

Polish WW2 Aircraft in 1/72 scale.

Last week I finished these two models. Both are in 1/72 and both are old kits. The PZL 23 Karas is a Heller kit released 37 years ago. The PZL 11c is even older and was released in 1966. From the box details both are from their original production runs, so neither had any flash, although both are pretty basic kits by today's standards. The Revell kit did suffer from injection pin marks, and the Heller was a pig to put together. The two fuselage halves in particular had fit problems. But in the end I think they both came out OK. Done as a commission for a wargaming friend.

First the PZL 23

The PZL 11c

The pilot figure comes from the Matchbox Wellesley kit.


  1. Hi Chris, I know it is a bit late now, but I have found the WW1 DH4 from Airfix to have great stand in bombs for the Polish....they are not perfect but come pretty close to what they used. Lovely paintjobs, hope mine will come out as nice eventually :)

    1. Thanks Johan, I'll keep that in mid if I ever end up doing another Polish bomber and I'll let the client know in case he wants to add any. Should be cheap and easy to find the DH4 kit The new IBG kit comes with a lovely looking set of bombs.