Monday, 21 March 2016

S&S Office body for Altaya Zil 131

Shaun of S&S models ( S and S Models ) asked me to paint up the office body he had mastered to go on the chassis of the Altaya Zil131 cargo truck. I think it turned out OK.  Altaya do make a Zil131 with an office body but it is hard to find and is expensive. Shaun's model is a cheap and cheerful alternative, for the wargamer, to that and to the ICM kit. It is due out very soon.

Friday, 18 March 2016

15mm (1/100th) BMPs

These are part of a commission to paint a couple of Team Yankee forces. They are 15mm (1/100th) scale models produced by Battlefront Miniatures. They are nice little kits (approx 7x3 cm) and the detail is well done being just enough to emphasize without being over done.