Saturday 13 January 2018

Goblin Carolers

At the end of 2016, as part of their Christmas promotion, Reaper Miniatures offered a number of free limited edition figures to those customers who ordered more than a set value from their web site. When I saw these Goblin Carolers I knew that I wanted to paint them as a gift for friends. Unfortunately, I discovered them after the offer had ended. Luckily, I know a man. In January, Tim Fitch of Miniature Heroes got hold of set for me; he is a can-do type of bloke :-)

I stashed the figures away and in December brought  them out and painted them up. They were a lot of fun to do!

Reaper Miniatures issued them again this year as part of the 2017 Christmas promotion, so you might be able to get hold of them (catalogue number 01592).